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Palms & Pines was originally the site of the Cleveland Marine Steamship Company, a boat building and repair service owned by George Brown.  It was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chittick in 1952.


Palms & Pines started as a joint venture between Ian and Josephine MacLeod, Josephine’s sister Helen and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chittick.  The MacLeod's arrived August 1952 and began construction of the mobile home area.  Jo and “Mac” laid out 5 waterfront lots, 3 next to the Rec Hall and 15 lots in the area behind the Rec Hall.  The Recreation Hall and the adjacent apartments had been part of the shipyard.  There was also a small house and a cottage.  The apartments became J1 and J2.  The cottage became J3.  The J was for Josephine.  That was the beginning!


The park sits on 8 acres and only a portion was used for the shipyard.  The rest was pure unadulterated Florida .  About 4 acres of the land were used to start the business.


Several years later Helen built two duplexes at the west end of the property.  These became H1, 2, 3 and 4.  Jo and “Mac” then added the last duplex which became J4 and 5.

As time passed the center portion of the park was redesigned and more lots were added. 


Arthur Chittick took over in the 60’s.  In 1967 he developed the two acres at the east end of the park and the remaining land at the west end.  This created E and F rows and the sites at the west end of the property.  The sewage plant was the next large venture, added in 1969.   In 1969 Helen and Jo became more involved in the parks operation. Arthur Chittick passed away in June 1971.  Four years later Georgiana Chittick and Helen both passed away within one week.  In 1974, Jo and “Mac” retired from the school system and move back to Palms & Pines.  “Mac” passed away in 1980.  Jo continued to run the business until she passed away in December 2002.


The resort is now operated by the family stockholders.  Gordon MacLeod, Jo’s son, is the president.  Gordon's wife Lois is executive vice president and secretary.  Gordon’s son, Ian is vice president. Gordon's nephew, Butch is also vice president..   


While many changes have taken place over the years, the beauty of Peace River flowing by has not changed.  The tranquility and excitement of the river that first drew Jo and “Mac” to the property still inspires spectators when they observe this wonderful view



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