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Presidentís Message

Dear Residents:

The warm breezes are blowing, the palm trees are swaying and the fish are biting.  Itís just another day in paradise!   The park looks great!  We have been working all year. I now feel that the facilities are beyond the point of repairs and we now working to make additional improvements.  Palms & Pines Riverside Resort is ready for another season. 

Take a look at the Virtual Tour; this will give you an idea of how beautiful Palms & Pines and the Peace River truly are.  It is always amazing to see the variety of wildlife in and around the river. We have tables and benches along the river so that residents can just sit and relax or enjoy the dramatic sunsets.  You have to actually experience them for yourself. 

We hope that all of our residents and guests have a joyous holiday season and enjoy the wonderful sights and experiences available to you while you are staying with us.

Gordon Mac Leod



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